RIFF Leather Limited

Our Production Capacity

RIFF Leather Limited has a monthly Production capacity now more than One Million Sq. feet Crust and Finished Leather. We play with versatile types of leathers as designed & requested by our valued customers. Our specialties are in full chrome, semi chrome, metal free & full vegetable on Cow, Goat, Buffalo & Sheep leather. Some of our regular production articles are as follows:

We Produce Leather In Following Types As Per Demand Of Our Valued Customers.

A)  Full Chrome Crust / Finished Shoe Upper And Lining Leather

B)  Semi Chrome Leathers

C)  Vegetable Tanned Leathers

D)  Chrome Free Leathers

E) Metal Free Leathers

F) And Many Others

Quality Control

We believe “Quality has no compromise” Production operation is being carried out through the most modern and efficient techniques and in full compliance with environmental and labour standards and keep an open eye at quality control programs. It begins with main raw materials – well preserving premium quality raw hides from selected markets. We are using high quality chemicals keenly collected from the manufacturers of EU countries and maintained ZDHC MRSL in leather processing.


RIFF Leather Limited has modern Beamhouse, Post tanning and Leather finishing on 95,000 sq. feet area, which reflects the state of the art in Italian machineries and equipment, processes and technology with precision lime splitting. Conservation of the environment in every stage of processing is carefully controlled and the production is being monitored by laboratory. Wet blue leather is being produced through hair save un-hairing and liming system to maintain the uniform flexibility and softness and color in every section of the leather offering the highest cutting value. It symbolizes an “Eco Friendly” environment and in addition promotes “Eco Friendly” articles, which are free from the Amine of Azo Dyes, PCP and Chrome (VI) and other restricted substances.